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Step into the auditory tapestry woven by Denver Miller III, 

a 37-year-old artist hailing from the vibrant deserts of Reno, Nevada, now making waves in the artistic scene of Las Vegas. A veteran of Burning Man for over a decade, Denver's journey through the eclectic realms of music and art has birthed 

a unique fusion showcased in his vinyl record masterpieces.

Denver's artistic odyssey began in 2006 when he created 

his first vinyl record art piece. The genesis of this creative venture traces back to his early teenage years when, at the age of 13, he first spun the turntables and embarked on 

a lifelong love affair with DJing. A graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno, where he studied Digital Media and Advertising, Denver melds his academic foundation with 

a passion for cutting-edge creativity.

As a DJ, graphic designer, musician and overall music enthusiast, Denver's exploration of cutting and shaping LPs became a profound artistic expression. His intricate pieces demand meticulous attention to detail, a process that leaves no room for shortcuts. Through years of honing his craft, Denver has mastered the art of illustrating, designing cut patterns, and seamlessly piecing together his vinyl puzzle.

In 2018, Denver was give the opportunity to create his first large format piece that was displayed at Feature's (Sneaker Boutique) store inside the Wynn Las Vegas, unveiling "Stardust," a portrait of the legendary David Bowie. He then went on to debut his solo exhibition at The Midway in San Francisco in October 2022, unveiling a breathtaking collection that captivates the intersection of music and 

visual art.

Denver's vision extends beyond gallery walls. His sights are set on creating larger-than-life installations for some of the most iconic events and music festivals, driven by a desire to transform spaces into immersive experiences. His mission is to create art that allows people to visually experience the music they love in way they never have before — deepening the connection between sound and vision.

This is the passion project of a music lover, for music lovers — and it’s just the beginning.